Software Projects / Products Division: 

The Software Projects / Products Division of Shriya Infotech offers exceptional and versatile Products in various domains using multi-technological platforms. 

Shriya is an embodiment of creativity and technical expertise in software development and offers state-of-art solutions for various industries. The company relies heavily on innovation, quality and cutting- edge technologies to provide a wide spectrum of reliable solutions and provides services in software design & development and qualitative independent verification and validation. 

Shriya is focused on providing solutions from concept to proof-of-concept, in various domains like Application Software, Embedded Systems, Avionics, PLC, Networking, Automotive, etc., which includes Software , Hardware, Firmware & Device Driver design, etc, in addition to turnkey Project / Product Realization Services. 

The software development centers equipped with the state of the art facilities including high-end Compaq servers, IBM PC compatible workstations with fault tolerant broadband connectivity for Internet. The hardware set up is equally backed up with project specific software development tools/environment. 

Staffed with highly skilled and qualified professionals with an impeccable track record in respective domains & requisite technical expertise, we are at a vantage point not only in understanding your needs but also in implementing and customizing these products to suit your specific needs. We also cater to customers’ needs of onsite requirements and specialized services in outsourcing.

We are involved in Architecting, Designing, Developing and implementing complex embedded systems and mobile application development covering complete system life cycle using the state of art technology. Apart from design, we provide hardware and software turnkey solutions along with development of products for the Consumer electronics, Industrial control & automation, Networking, Telecom & PC applications encompassing,

  • Device Driver Development

  • Developing the middle layer DLL for the Application layer

  • Embedded Software development

Shriya provides following services in the embedded software area,

  • RTOS Porting on - Linux, WinCE, Embedded XP, VxWorks
  • Device drivers and development in Ethernet, Serial, LCD, I2C,SPI, GPIO, USB 2.0 etc
  • Smart card integration and re-engineering  of the application
  • Embedded Applications design and development
  • Hardware and software selection consulting
  • Testing, validation, quality assurance services and certification
  • Integration services

Our Software Development team has in-depth expertise in various hardware architectures like ARM7, ARM9, ARM11, DSP, Peripheral Interface like Ethernet, USB 2.0, I2C, SPI and In Wireless 802.11, GPS, Bluetooth, IrDA, RF etc.

We at Shriya are backed by experience in the following Functional domains:-

Embedded Software Domain

Application Software Domain

Aerospace / Avionics



Health Care

Industrial Automation


Control & Instrumentation


Power Electronics


Astronomy-Radio / Optical Telescope              

Banking, Financial Services & Insurance

Consumer electronics

Supply-Chain Management


Textile & Apparel Industry



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